Machaut (Prelims) lecture 1

This page hosts the audio for the first of six Machaut ‘podlectures’ for Prelims (1st year exams) at Oxford, originally delivered in this form in 2020/2021 because of restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but of ongoing relevance to later iterations of this course. It also gives links to some further reading and things mentioned in the audio. Listening to the audio and following the tasks it mentions should take at least an hour for each podlecture.


Performance workshop for late-medieval song

Last month (June 2019), I took part in a two-day performance workshop organised by Joseph W. Mason and attended by various other people I’ve worked with over the past decade or so. I introduced and advised on performances of a song by Blondel de Nesle (people who have heard me sing will be happy to hear that I delegated that task to others far better qualified!).  Joe has written an excellent account of the entire event, obviating the need for me to do so here. I refer you enthusiastically to his blogpost, which has embedded audio-visual footage of the public concert that resulted. Enjoy!