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This page helps users navigate my blog for posts relating specifically to my taught UG courses (includes a few external links, too!).


Special Topics: Machaut

Access to the complete set of ‘podlectures’ for the online delivery of this topic.


List A: Vernacular Song in the Long 13thC

Access to the ‘podlectures’ for the online delivery of this topic.

List A: Medieval motets

13thC motet sources; link to Catherine Bradley’s blog [currently locked, but might come back up online at some point, so I’m keeping the hyperlink here]; see also the Machaut resources listed for Prelims above.

List C: The Trouvères

French and Occitan sources; link to Tischler’s explanation of his method for ascribing rhythm to trouvère song; the Southampton refrain database. See also my blogposts on jeux-partis, here, here, and here, as well as the link to grainedelavoix’s performance here.

List C: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Medieval Musical culture

On the gender of the semitone. [more resources to follow]


Annotated list of medieval resources from the University of Leeds; German sources; sources for cantigas

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