Vernacular song (list A) lecture 4

A brief look at another vernacular song tradition.

Podlecture 4: Die Minnesinger

General reading on Minnesang

Read the Grove Music Online entries on:

On the cultural context of German song

  • Dobozy, Maria. Re-Membering the Past: The Medieval German Poet-Minstrel in Cultural Context. Disputatio. Turnhout: Brepols, 2005.
  • Schultz, James A. Courtly Love, the Love of Courtliness, and the History of Sexuality. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006.

Editions of poems

  • Sayce, Olive, ed. Poets of the Minnesang. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1967.
  • Taylor, Ronald J., ed. The Art of the Minnesinger: Songs of the Thirteenth Century. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1968.

On the music of Minnesang

  • Hope, Henry. “Constructing Minnesang Musically.” DPhil, University of Oxford, 2013.
  • Bobeth, Gundela. “Wine, Women, and Song? Reconsidering the Carmina Burana.” Translated by Henry Hope. Chap. 4 In Manuscripts and Medieval Music: Inscription, Performance, Context, edited by Helen Deeming and  Elizabeth Eva Leach. 79-115. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.
  • Kirakosian, Racha, and David William Hughes. “Mynne tzeichen und ir don: The Text and Music of Meister Alexander’s Minneleich in the Jena Songbook.” Speculum 94, no. 2 (2019): 385-419. doi:10.1086/701979.

On manuscripts

Oxford students should also check out Prof. Lähnemann’s lectures on Minnesinger (requires SSO for Oxford).


Check you know who, what, or where these are:

  1. Neidhart, or use your Grove online subscription (Oxford students should use their Naxos Library subscription to listen here; a PDF of the texts from this disc is available on Marc Lewon’s website and there’s details on the making of the recording here.)
  2. the Hohenstaufen
  3. Wizlâv von Rügen, or use your Grove online subscription
  4. Walter von der Vogelweide, or use your Grove online subscription
  5. Spruch, or use your Grove online subscription
  6. Leich, or use your Grove online subscription to find out that this genre is subordinated to a French one, even though the German one is posited as original!
  7. Frauenlob, or use your Grove online subscription
  8. Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa
  9. RISM sigla
  10. Meistersinger, or use your Grove online subscription


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