German medieval song manuscripts online

Links to some bits of the medieval German vernacular song repertoire now online.

Tannhäuser in the Manesse Codex

In line with my earlier posts aggregating some of the links to troubadour and trouvère songs and sources of the medieval motet, this page lists a few of the main early sources for the Minnesinger repertoire. Some discography is available via

c.1300-c.1340: The Manesse codex (sometimes called the Große Heidelberger Liederhandschrift = Large Heidelberg songbook). No music notation but lots of lovely miniatures. Wikipedia page in English.

c.1330?: The Jena songbook. The  webpage has a video about the renovation of the manuscript, which was disbound, cleaned, and photographed while still unbound. A ‘modern’ edition of the songs (from 1901) is available, too.

Various fragments relating to the Jena repertoire, including the Münster fragment. One of several fragments related to the Jena songbook that are digitized on their site.

Much later (c. 1452-60) is the Lochamer Liederbuch. Information here.

There is also the Kolmarer Liederhandschrift (Munich, Bavarian State Library, Cgm 4997), from c.1460.

Rather earlier (early 13thC with 12thC repertoire) are Carmina Burana, which include some German lyrics. Here are links to pdfs of the codex: fol. 1-42fol. 43-48fol. 49-56fol. 57-72fol. 73-82fol. 83-112; For the complete texts, see here.

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