New Book: Manuscripts and Medieval Song

Deeming Leach coverCopies of my new co-edited book now received!

Helen Deeming and I have worked with Sam Barrett, Jeremy Llewellyn, Rachel Golden, Gundela Bobeth, Henry Hope, and Sean Curran to produce ten chapters, each focussing on a single manuscript containing medieval songs. Since the manuscript sources of medieval song rarely fit the description of ‘songbook’ easily, the chapters detail the place  of songs (with and without musical notation) alongside the diverse contents of these ten books. The sources contain Latin, French, German, and English materials from across Europe during the Middle Ages and each chapters attempts to show what the books and the songs within them meant to their medieval audiences. This volume is designed to be read in conjunction with online, open-access images of most of the sources mentioned in its pages.

I hope to be able to blog links to my own chapters in this at a future point, the CUP legal department permitting! Meanwhile, here is a list of the manuscripts treated, with links to online images where they exist.

F-Pn lat.1154, a manuscript with very mixed contents

The so-called earlier Cambridge songbook: GB-Cu Gg.5.35

The Aquitanian versarium GB-Lbl Add.36881

The Codex Buranus D-Mbs Clm 4660

GB-Lbl Harley 978, which contain the Sumer canon

GB-Lbl Egerton 274 (aka Trouvère chansonnier F and Motet MS LoB)

D-HEu Cod.Pal.germ.848, the so-called Codex Manesse

The ‘La Clayette’ manuscript, F-Pn n.a.f.13521

GB-Ob Douce 308

F-Pn fr.1586 (aka Machaut MS C)


  1. David Leone says:

    I enjoyed your book on Machaut, “Guillaume de Machaut: Secretary, Poet, Musician”. Machaut has been a composer I’ve been interested in for years and your book was a treasure trove of information. I’d love to have the resources to do extended study in his period and work. Thank you for your work.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments!

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