Machaut (Prelims) lecture 2

This is the second podlecture and notes for my Machaut Course for Prelims Special Topics at Oxford.

Lecture 2: Machaut’s Manuscripts

Remember, links to the reading for Oxford Students are via ORLO.


For an overview of how a medieval MS was made, see HERE.

See the list of contents for the ‘complete works sources’ for Machaut in:
Earp, Lawrence. Guillaume de Machaut: A Guide to Research. New York: Garland, 1995, CHAPTER 3 ‘The Manuscripts’ (especially pp.73-96).
And CLICK HERE FOR LINKS to online surrogates to images of the MSS.

On the ‘growing corpus’ theory, see:
Earp 1995, CHAPTER 7, especially pp.273-5

On Machaut’s potential oversight of copying and/or planning, see:
Earp, Lawrence. “Machaut’s Role in the Production of his Works.” Journal of the American Musicological Society 42 (1989): 461-503.

On C, see:
Leach, Elizabeth Eva. “Machaut’s First Single-Author Compilation.” Chap. 10 In Manuscripts and Medieval Music: Inscription, Performance, Context, edited by Helen Deeming and Elizabeth Eva Leach. 242-65. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015. (See also Chapter 8 in Huot 1989, details below).

On Vg, see the introduction to:
Earp, Lawrence, Domenic Leo, and Carla J. Shapreau, eds. The Ferrell-Vogüé Machaut Manuscript: Facsimile and Introductory Study. Oxford: DIAMM, 2014.

On A see:
The extensive series of pages (click on the links below the short intro page) on the Exeter Machaut project site.
Leach, Elizabeth Eva. Guillaume de Machaut: Secretary, Poet, Musician. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2011, CHAPTER 3, ‘Creation: Machaut Making’, especially pp.87-103.

On the relationship of Vg, B, and E, see:
Bent, Margaret. “The Machaut Manuscripts Vg, B and E.” Musica Disciplina 37 (1983): 53-82.

Text and translation of the Prologue are in:
Palmer, R. Barton, ed. Guillaume de Machaut: The Fountain of Love (La Fonteinne Amoureuse) and Two Other Love Vision Poems. Vol. 54A, Garland Library of Medieval Literature. New York and London: Garland, 1993.

Song MSS before Machaut
See the description of the ordering of earlier sung lyric in:
Huot, Sylvia. From Song to Book: The Poetics of Writing in Old French Lyric and Lyrical Narrative Poetry. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1987, CHAPTER 2.
Links to the sources Huot mentions can be found HERE.

Check you know what the following are:
1. manuscript
2. scribe
3. foliation vs. pagination
4. recto and verso
5. vellum and parchment
6. binding (for some beautiful examples, see also the BL blogpage HERE)
7. ruling
8. pricking
9. quire or gathering (binion, bifolio, ternion, quaterion, etc.)
10. pastedown


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