Early music and web 2.0 (with links to full text)

My short opinion piece in the anniversary issue of Early Music has just been published.

The journal Early Music commissioned a number of short opinion pieces for their anniversary issue, which is just out. Mine is on doing early music in the age of social media. OK, so it’s in part a plug for my own blog, but, hey! you’re here so you don’t need it!. And I do mention some other people, so here are the links to the full text, courtesy of OUP journals.

Elizabeth Eva Leach, ‘Early music and Web 2.0’, Early Music 2013 41: 134-135.

Read the full text as a pdf

Read the full text in html


  1. Kate Maxwell says:

    You do ask in the article that you ‘would really like to hear from other medieval music bloggers’ so that you can add more to the ‘blogroll’, so here I am: skatemaxwell.wordpress.com . Perhaps of particular interest to your readers will be the two recent conference reviews: ‘Machaut and the Book’ (Virginia, April 2013) and ‘Guillaume de Machaut: Music, Image, Text in the Middle Ages’ (Exeter, April 2013). But there is more on there too. A young blog, certainly, but will be updated as the project continues. Happy reading, one and all!

    1. Thanks — now added!

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