Early music and web 2.0 (with links to full text)

My short opinion piece in the anniversary issue of Early Music has just been published.

The journal Early Music commissioned a number of short opinion pieces for their anniversary issue, which is just out. Mine is on doing early music in the age of social media. OK, so it’s in part a plug for my own blog, but, hey! you’re here so you don’t need it!. And I do mention some other people, so here are the links to the full text, courtesy of OUP journals.

Elizabeth Eva Leach, ‘Early music and Web 2.0’, Early Music 2013 41: 134-135.

Read the full text as a pdf

Read the full text in html

2 thoughts on “Early music and web 2.0 (with links to full text)”

  1. You do ask in the article that you ‘would really like to hear from other medieval music bloggers’ so that you can add more to the ‘blogroll’, so here I am: skatemaxwell.wordpress.com . Perhaps of particular interest to your readers will be the two recent conference reviews: ‘Machaut and the Book’ (Virginia, April 2013) and ‘Guillaume de Machaut: Music, Image, Text in the Middle Ages’ (Exeter, April 2013). But there is more on there too. A young blog, certainly, but will be updated as the project continues. Happy reading, one and all!

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