The Tournament at Chauvency

My review of the proceedings of a conference on Le Tournoi de Chauvency in the Douce 308 MS in the Bodleian Library, Oxford was just published in French Studies. Continue reading “The Tournament at Chauvency”

Revisiting old work

Work on a chapter for an edited collection on jugement poetry involves some rehashing…and a brief rant about Sound Studies. Continue reading “Revisiting old work”

Free score of a Machaut virelai

My edition of Guillaume de Machaut’s virelai En mon cuer (V27/24) is now available as part of the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society’s free downloads. Continue reading “Free score of a Machaut virelai”

The wonders of Gallica: some troubadour and trouvère sources

The online resource Gallica is adding stuff all the time — it’s hard to keep up. This post is about their coverage of some of the main medieval monophonic song books.[NB: now updated to include sources outside Gallica!] Continue reading “The wonders of Gallica: some troubadour and trouvère sources”