Review of a new collection of essays on Adam de la Halle

This clerihew didn’t make it into my review of this new volume of essays on Adam de la Halle:

In the office with new pal—
Adam de la Halle;
He’s been dead for rather long,
But doesn’t pong.

But actually, when Adam died is one of the matters of debate, as you’ll see in my review, in which I play devil’s advocate about the rationale for the current dating. There’s clearly much more to say about Adam’s music and poetry as this volume makes plain. This book is such an expensive volume that, as I am at an institution that has an electronic version, I will be passing my review copy on to an Early Career Researcher.

The journal Early Music has given me a link to share for free access to my review here:

Elizabeth Eva Leach, “Adam de la Halle and Arras”, review of Jennifer Saltzstein (ed.), Musical culture in the world of Adam de la Halle (Leiden: Brill, 2019),€210.

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  1. Alison Stones says:

    Great review ~

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