Review of new translation of Johannes de Grocheio on music (with link to full text)

My review of the new translation and edition of Johannes de Grocheio‘s music treatise has been published in the journal Speculum.

The link a the bottom of the page is the official one to the CUP site, which requires institutional (or personal) subscription. According to the permissions information on the CUP site, however, I can also post a more freely available pdf here too (directly below).

Click here for link to pdf.

Johannes de Grocheio, Ars Musice, ed. and trans. Constant J. Mews, John N. Crossley, Catherine Jeffreys, Leigh McKinnon, and Carol J. Williams. (TEAMS Varia.) Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute Publications, 2011. Paper. Pp. ix, 168; tables. $20. ISBN: 9781580441650.
Elizabeth Eva Leach (2013). 
SpeculumVolume 88Issue02, April 2013 pp 530-532

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