Learn to read 14thC French music notation

Learn to read 14thC music notation with online tutorials!

The AHRC grant held by DIAMM that I have been PI on over the past year has just come to an end. My role in the grant was to develop a set of online learning tutorials to teach people how to read medieval music notation. I chose to focus the tutorials on basic fourteenth-century French notation, mainly because that’s where my own interests lie, but also because DIAMM now has a very good set of images for this notation, namely the images from the Ferrell-Vogüé Manuscript (known to Machaut geeks like me as Vg).

The tutorials are now available in a trial version, using the open-source VLE Moodle. Click here to go to the site. Registration is free!


  1. Wray Hammer says:

    I would like to register as a new user—couldn”t find out how to do that. Help please.

    1. The self-registration has now been re-enabled (too us a week to work out what the problem was!). Just go to the log-in page and choose a user name and password. Password needs to have at least one lower case, one upper case, one numeral and one of !@£$%^&*()_ in it… Let me know if you have any further problems!

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