Open-access links to full content (includes link to my review of Kirkman’s book on the Cyclic Mass)

Generous Links from Early Music.

I just received an email from Oxford University Press journals division to say that a review I wrote for Early Music of Andrew Kirkman’s book on the Cyclic Mass has been published. I don’t normally read such automatically generated emails very carefully, but now that I’m posting things on my blog and webpage I have started to check their permissions part to find out if I can legally supply links to the full content of things I’ve published. And I’ve found that many academic presses–including, in this case, OUP–allow authors to do just that. The email from EM was quite clear that I could use the URLs they supplied (one to an HTML version, the other to a pdf version) on my personal webpage(s). At the moment this links to the content in an advanced access section, with pages numbered 1-2, but when the journal issue of which it will be part is finalized, the same link will (the email assures me) magically direct the clicker to the same content in that fully paginated issue.

As today’s email emanated from the same journal in which I published my article about Machaut’s early career as a royal almoner last year, I checked back through my email and found that I had indeed been sent a link for the full text of that too. I’ve therefore added links to the full text of that article to my blog post about it.

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