‘Grafting the Rose’

Photo of Neustift/Novacella from the North by Adrian Michael. Source: http://bit.ly/cNMJWZ

Conference paper from 2000 finally makes it into print!

They sent me plenty of paper offprints. If you would like one, please email me your postal address.

My paper “Grafting the Rose: Machaut, the Ars Subtilior, and the Cyprus Balades”, was originally given as a conference paper at a symposium in the Abbey of Neustift/Novacella (pictured) in 2000. A revised version has just been published in the volume Borderline Areas in Fourteenth and Fifteenth-Century Music/Grenzbereiche in der Musik des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts, edited by Karl Kügle and Lorenz Welker, which forms volume 55 in the Musicological Studies and Documents Series of the American Institute of Musicology.


This paper examines three songs that can be read as being thematically related once intertextuality is understood as a process that operates in reception as well as in production. The three songs are Machaut’s De toutes flours (B31), and two songs with the incipit text En un vergier, the first found unique in the Modena MS (Modena, Biblioteca Estense, <alpha>. M.5.24), the second uniquely in the Cyprus MS (Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale J.II.9). The paper uses a theoretical framework that draws on poststructuralist theory and semiotics.