“The Sound of Beauty” published

Beauty cover
Click on image to go to the full text (warning: large file)

The written version of the talk I gave in the 2011 Darwin College Lecture series on Beauty has just been published.

CUP just sent me a copy of the book of all the 2011 Darwin Lectures, which includes mine on “The Sound of Beauty”. A pdf flyer for the book can be downloaded from here. The podcast of the talk is still available in an earlier blogpost. A pdf of the final text was kindly supplied by CUP and can be accessed by clicking on the image above (warning: large file).

Permissions information: originally published as Elizabeth Eva Leach, ‘The Sound of Beauty’, in Lauren Arrington, Zoë Leinhardt, and Philip Dawid (eds.), Beauty (Darwin College Lectures; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013), 72-98.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a copy.

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